European Payment Services

About European Payment Services


European Payment Services is a subsidiary of N&TS Group, which was established in 1995 to provide technology services to multi-national retailers and financial services organisations.

N&TS are based in Milan and have over 150 large corporate customers with over 300 installations. N&TS software supports more than 75% of payment card acceptance in Italy and over 90% of e-commerce transactions.

At N&TS we pride ourselves on our flexible and innovative approach to create solutions that can be easily integrated and adapted to the customer’s existing infrastructure. This approach means customers improve their performance and capability without incurring major systems development costs.

EPS has been established to bring the N&TS principles and solutions to pan-European card processing. Our focus is on building long term relationships. So whatever your need, wherever you trade, whichever channel you use, EPS has the solution, the capability and the knowledge to meet your needs.

So contact us now to find out how EPS can revolutionise your card payment processing activities.