European Payment Services

Fraud Prevention


ACFS - Fraud Prevention has the scope to intercept and identify fraud, whilst offering a set of flexible and easy to use tools to the security operators. In order to achieve this, the application uses aggregated data and rules that, when combined and related together, controls the transaction content and compares the authorisation request with previous transactions either for cardholder or merchant.

Each transaction, incoming and outgoing, is processed in real time by the Fraud Prevention Application, which identifies, through validation of rules, the possibility that the transaction is a fraud. In case of any rule violation, the application sends warnings and alerts to the operators using pop-up windows.

Fraud Prevention System

* Authorisation Response = Accept or Decline or Block


  • The Application sends to the operators a message that the rule has been broken and allows them to
    • Block card or merchant
    • Decline the transaction
    • Flag the card or the Merchant
  • It manages and checks any type of card, including Petrol and Credit to Consumer cards
  • It offers the Merchant and Cardholder behaviour path scoring, together with financial authorisation scoring methods.
  • It allows building up historic cluster data by Cardholder and Merchant Category, in case there is no data at present. And easy integration with existing Data Mining tools, such as SAS.
  • It works both for multi-Issuer and multi-Acquirer environment.
  • Business Unit / Clients / Financial Institution/ Country, can share the same application using different rules, access, view and reporting, according to their needs.
  • Enable / Disable any rule in real time, as well as the creation of new rules from the operators whilst the application is working.
  • Integration with existing auth system and Back Office using current records and connectivity already in place.