European Payment Services

e-Top Up

In today’s competitive markets, retailers are constantly look for new opportunities to increase profits.

A massive opportunity for retailers has evolved from the enormous growth in pre-pay mobile phone customers choosing to ‘Top Up’ their pre-pay mobiles electronically. With none of the problems associated with storing and distributing a physical product, this provides an ideal opportunity for retailers to earn a commission on e-Top Up transactions processed through their outlets.

By simply adding the EPS e-Top Up service solution, retailers can quickly and easily process e-Top Up transactions, earning a commission on every airtime sale made.

The solution is integrated into the gift cards and acquiring service solution, which provide a single reporting suite that consolidates all services. Once an e-Top Up payment is made, a paper voucher is printed with a credit code for the customer to give to their network provider. Upon redemption, their pay-as-you-go phone is then ‘topped up’ with the extra airtime.

Major benefits of EPS e-Top Up solution include

  • Simple integration with existing customer systems
  • Works with all the leading mobile networks
  • Fast and cost effective method for accepting e-Top Up cards
  • Added value service to existing retailer activities
  • No costs of storing and distributing physical product
  • Absence of physical product removes risk of theft or lost vouchers