European Payment Services

Gift & Loyalty

Gift Cards provide a higher return on investment than traditional paper-based gift vouchers and increase footfall and brand awareness. Not only are they more secure, they also reduce administration and reduce transaction times. Loyalty cards focus on customer retention and are an important element in establishing a growth strategy for high street retailers.

Electronic gift cards can be quickly processed in the same way as any other form of plastic card and provide real-time information on customer purchasing.

The integration of Gift Cards with N&TS ACFS card management solutions allows retailers to take advantage of the fully integrated payment architecture, offering fast transactions and consolidated management information, thus avoiding the need for multiple systems.

Gift Cards can be branded to a retailer's own requirements to reinforce brand awareness and perception, including supporting one-off marketing campaigns.

As well as supporting Gift Cards, the ACFS Gift Cards solution has also been developed to support loyalty schemes. Loyalty or fidelity services enable merchants to reward customers with points that can be redeemed for products and services in the future. These reward points can be added to the loyalty card during the payment process, thereby encouraging repeat business.