European Payment Services

Our Customers


Financial Services

N&TS group is recognised as the market leader for providing card management solution and excellent customer service. Most of the top Italian acquirers use N&TS applications to process electronic payments. The largest customer processes 2 million transactions a day on N&TS applications. Our major cross border customer processes 25 country protocol on POS/ATM using N&TS applications.


Petrol Industry

The leading petrol company in Italy has been using the N&TS solution for many years, as have other petrol companies who require a customized business solution to accept private label petrol cards across Europe.



N&TS support all the major Italian media and telecommunications companies. Across Italy, 98% of all electronic card payments are managed by N&Ts application.



N&TS manage the end to end service of a multi-channel, multi-acquirer solution on behalf of the largest electronics retailer in Italy.

N&TS group has also developed a top up cards solution for a well known fashion brand retailer across Italy.