European Payment Services


Transaction processing is carried out via IP, making it fast and efficient. Every transaction irrespective of country or channel is automatically sent via an internet connection or a dedicated line to the EPS Payment Gateway.

Upon receipt, the Payment Gateway routes the transaction details to the acquirer or issuer directly for authorisation using a dedicated high speed authorisation network. The transaction is either authorised or declined and the resulting message returned to the Payment Gateway which then sends the response back to the submitting system to complete the process.

The Payment Gateway stores details of the transaction centrally, including

  • type of transaction
  • authorisation decision (approved or declined)
  • the reason of declining
  • time to complete the authorisation.

These details are sent for settlement to the merchant's acquiring bank at the end of the day removing the need for polling. The merchant has GUI access to any POS connected to the Payment Gateway. This enables the merchant to carry out real time checking of the transactions, the revenue generated in each outlet, the type of card processed, along with any other information relevant to the Merchant. The financial reporting is tailored according to the customer’s needs and can be easily integrated into the Merchant’s financial system.