European Payment Services

A Multi-Acquirer, Multi-Channel, End To End Solution


Our solution allows merchants to route electronic payment transactions to any acquirer or issuer in Europe whilst managing and controlling all the payment transactions at outlet level in real time from any location.

Customers can access an integrated reporting suite which is customised to the client needs. The reports can be integrated into the customer’s financial reporting system, such as SAP.

Our multi-protocol payment gateway allows cross-border merchants to send card transactions to any acquirer in Europe. The platform accepts transactions on any type of card, irrespective of the country specific protocols and converts them into the appropriate acquirer protocol.

We provide a control panel facility for our customers to “steer” the transactions to their preferred destination, facilitating commercial optimisation. Merchants benefit from a pre-certified solution and require no additional certification testing or approval following implementation.

Our customers are able to increase their scale of business and have the opportunity to partner with international acquirers.

Our service covers a wide range of solutions, as shown in the diagram below.

Device Management Channel Management On-Line Processing Off-Line Processing
EMV Card Present Front Office Back Office
Retail POS POS Recharge Loyalty Programme
Mobile ATM Authorisation Card Production
PIN Pad Card Not Present Fraud Prevention Clearing
Contactess MOTO Acquiring Settlement
  e-Commerce Switching Statement
  Recurring Payments