European Payment Services

Unattended Payment Terminals

With the growing demand for card payment at automated machines, EPS has a service solution for a range of unattended payment solutions.

Each unattended machine will send the information to the EPS payment gateway to be routed to the acquirers selected by the customer.

All information stored on the card processing reader is encrypted, ensuring that the cardholder details will not be compromised should any criminal activity take place on the unattended device. Each credit and debit card transaction is stored centrally in the EPS payment gateway (which is fully PCI-DSS certified) for submission later that day, or authorized online if required.

The unattended payment solution is suitable for an extensive range of environments including:

  • Retail self service points of sale
  • Ticket vending and collection machines
  • Vending machines
  • Car parking meters
  • Petrol pay at pump outlets
  • Motorway toll